Saturday, 14 September 2013

MUTO - 5 - 7 Year Old Neutered Male

It is a sad story how even an animal can be bullied and prosecuted because of his looks. This dog is estimated to be some 6 maybe even 7 years old, his name is Muto. The proof how people can be cruel  is in his name. The name is the abbreviation for “mutant”.

It may have no bearing but a negative name that bears a negative connotation and when surrounded with people who see dogs as pest and vermin, it can be a heavy cross to carry. And it certainly was for Muto.

 People considered him to be big and “ugly”, “scary” looking, but he is nothing like that. He is one gentle soul who have suffered all his life. Those few good people who cared about him and looked after him while he was on the street call him a “big baby” they also witness of horrible abuse particular towards him, he has seen beatings, stones and bottles thrown at him times that can’t be counted,  times you and I can’t imagine. He has been hit by a car, shot from a  air rifle and despite all these horrible things all he wants is a belly rub and a few gentle words. Kids love him, they adore him.

  A year ago he was picked up by the dog wardens and taken to a state shelter, please have no illusions of him being “better off”. It was a long year in solitary confinement, again considered to be too scary for others. It was horrible being there on his own waiting for someone to come by the fence and give him a pat. Poor boy.

I have come across his story and people who only sigh when his name is mentioned  and they all  love Muto.  There is something so profoundly  sad about his life and everyone pities him saying “poor Muto, the way he has suffered”, but  none of these few kind people in Muto’s life have been able to give him home. They have sheltered him in the winter, fed him, even neutered him, but not  given home. They are not to blame, they do their best to look after these street dogs. 

He is been pulled out from the horrible state shelter and is now in private kennels, enjoying kindness, peace, food and fearless life. No beatings no hiding. The owner of the kennels, a respected man, Mr. Kuduz, described him when asked what crossbreed he was,  that he is a cross between “ an angel and goodness itself”.

 He is a neutered male, some 5-7 years, maybe he looks older than he is because of harsh life he has lived or maybe he is that old none knows for certain. He is a grey haired gentleman, very loving towards humans and female dogs, puppies but not so friendly towards males.  He can lash out at dominant males ( all the pictures show that he really  is a submissive male, always lies on his back). And he does not like other dogs to pester him. For this reason it is best that he is the only dog or that he has a quite female playmate. He does not like cats, he is great with children and grown ups. He likes to rest. He is gentle and clever and will need a home that will give him a warm bed and bowl of food, he does not require a lot. I think he is one tired of harsh life, gentle dog.

He has all his jabs and is micro-chipped and is ready to go to wherever he need to go. I would like to stay in touch with whomever give this boy a chance and let all those who have cared about him of his well being.

Name: Muto
Age: 5 - 7 Years
Sex: Male
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Micro-Chipped: Yes