Monday, 24 March 2014

LOLEK - Croatia - 1.5 years old Dachshund mix male

 Lolek was dumped in a ditch with his siblings and mother. This often the way in Croatia, not wanted so dumped like some rubbish.  The mother and puppies were rescued by a local NGO and Lolek's mother was adopted to the UK when the puppies were a couple of months old. 

  Lolek and his brother Waldo have been in a small shelter their entire lives but have never come to trust people, even those they have always known.  We have no idea why are they are like that and unfortunately the local rescuers don't have enough time or man power to devote to them and have not wanted to force them into contact they were not comfortable with.  

Waldo died recently so Lolek is all alone in the world.   This prompted a volunteer to foster him at home, she takes him for walks regularly and works with him daily but he is still far from being ok in terms of his fear of people.


He needs a person or family with lots of patience and free time.  He does get along well with other dogs but needs a lot of affection and undivided attention, or will always be at the back of the pack, frightened to come to the front for a fuss.  

Lolek has improved and will come shyly for a cuddle but only to those he has known for a long time and even then he is tense and alert and will run away at every sudden move or sound.  We really hope there is someone with the commitment to change Lolek's life and make him feel like he isn't alone in the world.  

Name: Lolek
Gender: Male
Breed: Dachshund mix

Born: August 2012
Vacc./chipped: yes
Neutered: yes

Location: Da sapu! Vukovar foster home in Vukovar