Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dani - 2.5 year old springer/collie cross - In foster in Dyfed

This very handsome and lovable rouge is Dani. Dani spent much of his early life on the streets of Romania which is a cruel and hard place for a young dog to live. Left to fend for themselves on the streets, starvation, beatings, hit by traffic, tortured the list could go on forever. Some dogs are caught by the dogcatchers and taken to a hell hole commonly known as a public shelter. The shelters are under funded, understaffed and not very nice places at all, a dog can be in as much danger in these as they can on the streets, fights at meal times, attacks from other dogs as the shelters are so crowded and puppies are the most at risk, from the older bigger dogs. The lucky ones, like Dani end up in the private shelters where they are looked after far better, but where kennels are still over crowded and smaller dogs have to rely on bits of food the bigger dogs leave behind.

Dani's luck really changed late last year when a lovely foster family brought him to the safety of the UK and for the first time in his life Dani knew comfort, company and love all day, a nice full stomach and most of all safety and security.

Although a little nervous at first Dani soon started to show a fun, playful and loving personality so hard to believe with the hardships of his early years. And, he has continued to flourish becoming more playful .. and more cheeky ! He loves the other dogs in his foster family, whether to play with or cuddle up to and he adores human company, giving the love he gets from his family back tenfold.
He is also good with their cats, not really bothering with them apart from the odd sniff now and again.

Due to his mix of breeds Dani is very intelligent and very energetic. He will need a home with a very active lifestyle that keeps him occupied both mentally and physically. If he does not have this stimulation he will become destructive as with all breeds of this nature. His forever home would need to have a garden, and it would need to have at least a five and a half fence and be very secure as he will, if he can go off for a run. When out on walks, if off the leader Dani will not necessarily go far however he does not like being caught again to end his playtime so currently he is kept on a long training leader so he can still play and run but there is no risk to him.

Dani does not have an aggressive bone in his body towards anyone or anything. He just wants to be loved .. and give his love. However, he can be boisterous in play and for this reason he needs to be in a home where any children are over the age of 14.  He so needs and deserves his forever home now, somewhere he can settle and flourish for the rest of his days.

Dani is
Fully vaccinated
Flea and Tic treated

And he has a full EU pet passport