Saturday, 9 August 2014

RESERVED -Little Lord Max - 3 year old very small cross breed male, rescued from a vile killing station now looking for a loving home

Hello, my name is Max or as my foster Mummy calls me, Little Lord Max.

Max is:

  • 3 years of age
  • Micro Chipped
  • Vaccinated (inc anti rabies)
  • health checked
  • Vet Checked
  • Dewormed
  • Deflead
  • Sterilised
  • Has Full EU Pet Passport
  • DEFRA compliant
  • Comes with 4 weeks free pet insurance
  • Care/Welcome guide

  • Great on the lead
  • Great in the car
  • Adores humans
  • Great with other dogs
  • Cats do not bother him, he tends to ignore them
  • Is a VERY sweet little dog , very quiet but can have his playful moments
  • Loves attention and fuss

I once had my own family, that is plain to see as I know how to behave around the house. 
Even though I am a very well behaved little dog, getting along with all dogs and even cats, loving to be by my humans side and receiving all the fuss they give me, my previous family simply got bored of me.

I tried so hard to make them love me, I was such a good boy. I made sure I did not bark too much, I didn't ask all the time for attention, I was loyal and loving to them and didn't make a fuss. However no matter how much I behaved, how well mannered I was, loving, loyal and kind they just did not want me.

My foster Mummy tells me that some people when a dog becomes a grown up and stops acting like a puppy , that there are cruel people who just throw dogs like me onto the streets.

It was so terrible for me when I was thrown away, I had to try and survive in a Big world, with  Big much more aggressive dogs around me fighting for food. Also humans from the country I was born that would chase me away, scream at me.....Even throw rocks an stones at me. Children who I am very good around would run after dogs just like me , not to play or to fuss me but to corner me in an alley way to tie dogs like me up and urinate on me, and hurt me so much with their feet an fists.

Even though I would have gone all through this, even though the humans that hurt me seemed to have given up on there own humanity, I never gave up on them and knew in my heart that there were people out there who would not hurt me, would not be unkind to me, would not chase me and cause me so much pain.

A few months ago a gang of men chased me with long poles with loops at the end of them. I tried to run away as fast as I could, I promise I did but my little legs just coul not run as fast as them, There were so many, no matter which way I tried to run a man would be there screaming at me with a pole in his hand. Finally they caught me and put that loop around my neck. I am only tiny yet rather than pick me up they dragged me across the ground, it hurt so much, I was so scared. That loop tightening around my neck.When they had dragged me near to a van where I could hear other dogs barking an screaming in pain and terror coming from inside. They lifted me in the air with this pole and threw me like garbage into the back of a van. 
So many of us were in there, all of us so scared and not knowing what was going to happen. 

How could my family let this happen, how could they throw me away to survive on the streets, So lonely, so scare, so hungry. How could they allow this to happen to me, to be taken by these men and put in a van? I had been such a good dog, I had tried so hard to please them. It was not my fault I grew up ad stopped being a puppy.

Some weeks past after I had been dragged again from the van and thrown in a killing station where the dogs there were killed so awfully, humans not caring how they killed them. I prayed someone would save me, that my family would come and get me. I did not want to die, I did not want my life taken as I had seen others lives taken in those kennels. men using pipes to smash the heads of dogs, forcing chemicals down dogs throats and leaving them to scream in agony. I prayed someone would come and take me from there before those same men would look at me and decide it was my time to be tortured to death.

One day a kind faced lady visited the kennels, my foster Mummy tells me this lady was a local rescuer who as well as helping the street dogs would come to these kennels and try and save as many as she could.
I sat there wagging my tail, jumping up and down along with all the others but would she see me? I was so small compared to the others, and the bigger dogs would growl to keep me back from the door so she would see them and not the little dogs like me.

I gave up jumping around and wagging my tail, I couldn't get to the door so she would see me. So I walked to the corner of the kennel and decided to await my fate. I was just a little dog, no one cared about me. My family didnt want me, they threw me away. Maybe they were right, maybe I was not worth loving.

As I sat there so alone, so scared, so very lonely I looked up as the door opened and that lady walked into the cage. She was smiling at me, she was...she was looking straight at me. Was I dreaming? Could she really want me? Yes she did, she did want me and she did something I had not had done to me for so very long. She bent down, picked me up and despite I was filthy, and smelly and half starved she picked me up and cuddled me. With me in her arms she walked out of the cage and shut the door behind her, she turned back to the others with a tear rolling down her face and said " I am so sorry, I promise I will be back in a few days and help more of you"

She took me home, bathed me, fed me, then we went for a drive to a very clean place and a lady in a a long white coat spoke kindly to me. She checked me over to make sure I was healthy then gave me injections to protect me against nasty diseases, tablets to clean my system of parasites and with that I went back to my foster. This lady who had rescued me was part of a group of people who helped dogs like me.

When I was ready to travel this group sent me to a kennels to stay, not a kill station like the one before just somewhere to keep me safe and then my space back at the rescuers house would allow her to go and save another dog like me.

I waited and waited so long, would I spend the rest of my life in this kennel? It was a much better place than the kill station but it still was not home. That is all I wanted a home, a family that would love me.

A short while ago this lovely group that funded my rescue got intouch with a charity called Action Aid for Animals, this was charity that helped animals from all over the world including the Uk where they are based. They agreed to find me foster in the UK and would then hope to find me a home...Yes a real home....

I am now in the UK with my foster family in Staffordshire and I hope, someone will see me and fall in love with a tiny dog like me.

Please, if you can give this amazing and incredibly brave little dog a home contact Action Aid for Animals immediately