Friday, 19 September 2014

Eddie - Sweet little lad looking for that extra special forever home - Fostered in Staffordshire

Sweet Eddie, 2 years of age. Chipped, fully vaccinated, neutered, dog friendly and human friendly. Don't let his deafness deter you offering this sweet dog a forever home

This is the gorgeous Eddie. AAFA recently stepped in to help this little fella to find a safe and loving forever home. He will be under our charities wing tomorrow when we collect him from his current owner.

This is what they had to tell us about him
“We have had Eddie for about 2 years, he was sold to us at about 10 weeks old (via gumtree!) by a couple who had found out he was deaf and didn't want to keep him.

We have found him to have a friendly and affectionate personality, as he is deaf he follows you about so he can see what you are doing and where you are as he can't hear you. He is full of energy and likes to chase with our other dog and play with toys and loves to be fussed and stroked.

He is absolutely no problem with other dogs but hasn't really had any contact with cats or children so we can't comment on that.

He is currently on dried food - he's very food motivated and is always scavenging for food when he's out on walks. We used to let him off the lead in places not near roads but had to stop this as he would run off to find food in bins, or to play with other dogs and we had no means of calling him back. He does know sign commands for sit, stay, no and come here but could learn more.

Our other dog is a nervous and sometimes aggressive staffie and so we have struggled to manage them both, especially now he can't be off a lead. Our grown up children have also just moved away and both dogs are on their own all day during the week which isn't ideal which is why we have taken the decision to find Eddie a better home.

He's housetrained, fully vaccinated, snipped and chipped and has a passport - we took him to Southern Ireland on holiday this year so he needed one for then!”

If you could offer this sweet little guy a forever home please contact our charity